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Want list [pkmncollectors]


- Any Raichu figure or plush I don't already have is automatically a top want! Plush especially!!! Not much interest in flats other than TCG cards I don't have.
- There are only 2 Skymin plush I'm missing! Which are listed below as grails. The Raichu there has been my grail for a decade! I'm offering a pretty penny and my left arm for it. :)
- I like trading <3
- I don't normally go after Raichu related merchandise that features Pichu and Pikachu, unless it's very specific.(Like the zukan)
- I like helping others find their grails! Let me know if you're after something and I'll be sure to alert you if I spot it! :)
- For plush with US releases, I'm only after the Japanese versions.
-I am also after ANY Alolan Raichu merch that aren't plush! I haven't had the chance to purchase any non-plush merch. I especially like the tin =)




-I'm after ANY older holos I don't have(Up until 2003), english preferred. Below are a lot of the cards I'm after. Pictures of my cards can be found here.
-Any Raichu or Magmar cards I don't have.
-I have all of the Fossil and Jungle holo cards(Waiting on Ditto and Lapras in the mail), only missing Charizard from the base set. No base set 2, please! <3
- Only missing Pichu,Lugia and Steelix from Neo Genesis, but looking to replace the Japanese cards with English(This goes for all Japanese cards I have)
- The Magmar below is my card grail, from Bastiodon the Defender.

RECENT GETS(not pictured): English Lt. Surge's Fearow,Dark Gyrados,Neo Revelations Shining Gyrados,Furious Fists Magmar,HS Unleashed Magmar

Last updated 2/14/2017


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